Love of My Life!
Kyle & Liz Fuller
We felt led to lead our guests in worship during our wedding. “Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here”
My Girls!!
With Pastor Scot & Windy
Sharing the Word @Hillside
WOW!! The laying on of hands at ordination!!
Ordination and The Laying On Of Hands
Graduation BanquetNew Life Theological Seminary
Graduation Banquet New Life Theological Seminary (Left-Right) Vlatko Dir, me, Jim Gifford, and Michael Andrus




5 thoughts on “Photos

  1. You are so inspirational. God is truly using the man inside of you to do his work, I love it. keep up the good work Kyle, we all need this.

    Casandra Morton

  2. I am so proud of my son Kyle for so many reasons. My son ,those that have had the experience of meeting Kyle will know when I say this: If you want joy and laughs in your life, get to know, my son,
    your friend, Kyle.

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