The Rock

When I was a boy, my family and I would travel from Columbia, S.C. to Clinton, S.C. on a regular basis. I can’t remember now exactly where it was; but, there was this huge rock off the shoulder of the interstate, and people would paint it, write on it, and so on. All through my childhood, down through the years, I would always see that rock when we traveled. I changed, my family changed, but the rock was a constant. 

David referred to the Lord as his “rock”. I don’t know about you, but when I think of a rock in light of David’s appropriation of the term, I think of an immovable object, something strong and durable which remains constant though the landscape around it changes. 

The landscape of our lives change all the time. The dynamics of relationships, our roles within certain situations, you name it, it all is subject to change; and, change can be unnerving to say the least. We like things to remain constant; we are creatures of routine and habit who view change with suspicion. This brings me back to The Rock. 

When our lives are built upon relationships, jobs (ministries), money, etc…, a sudden, unexpected change can send us spiraling into fear and uncertainty. A life founded upon The Rock can endure and remain unshaken even though everything around it changes. Simply put, if my life is built on “things”, I change when they change; however, if my life is built upon Jesus, the consistency of my life is ensured in that He NEVER CHANGES. The Bible says that “we are hidden in Him”, hidden in that strong, durable, immovable Rock. So, when change comes (and it surely will), we have a solid foundation in Christ. He is the Constant! 

“…Behold, I lay in Zion a Choice Stone, a Precious Corner stone, and he who believes in Him will not be disappointed.” (IPeter 2:6 NASB)

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