“But This is All I Have…”

In the sixth chapter of John we read of the time when Jesus fed the 5,000 with a kid’s “sack lunch.” It was one of those scenarios in which Jesus already knew what he was planning to do, but purposely asked Philip (one of his followers) where they could get enough food to feed so many people.  Andrew (another follower of Jesus) then stepped up and said, “There’s a boy here with five loaves of barley bread and two fish, but what is that for so many people?”

I think we all can relate to Andrew’s question: How can this little bit that I have accomplish anything? We look at our lives, and in our own eyes we don’t see anything that God could use. We may not speak well, we may consider ourselves to be broken and scarred from the trials of life. We see that the need is great, but doubt that we could possibly be of use. “Lord, all I have are these five measly loves of bread and two fish. What can I do with this?” Matthew’s account of this same story gives us the answer.

In the Gospel of Matthew we find that when Jesus was told of the bread and the fish, he said, “Bring them to me.”  This is step one: give all you have to Jesus. We may not believe that what we are capable of accomplishing anything for the Lord, but he says, “Bring what you have to me.” All that follows is what Jesus does with those things which are given to Him. Matthew tells us that He took the loaves and the fish, blessed them,then broke the loaves and proceeded to feed 5,000 people

Jesus will take you, bless you, and yes, break you, then use you to meet the needs of those He brings your way. Be assured that He has equipped you with all you need to minister to those around you,just give it all to Him, and watch Him do the impossible.

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