Give Me Jesus

Not long ago, I preached a sermon entitled, ” In the Midst of the Madness” (see our “Teachings” page) in which I compared our current political and ecclesiastical climate here in America with that of the nation of Israel during the time of the Judges. Admittedly, I am a rather long- winded preacher; so, to sum it up, let me just say that there were a lot of crazy things going on. “Each man did what seemed right in his own eyes.”

In the sermon I went on to point out that the book of Ruth was also written during the time of the Judges. The book of Ruth tells of a woman who after losing it all, finds redemption at the feet of a man named Boaz whom she marries.

Today, as in the time of the Judges, we who make up the church are sending out a lot of mixed messages. One group says, “Do it this way” and another group says, “No, it should be done this way.” One group is emphasizing the “prophetic” while another places it’s emphasis on “signs & wonders”. One group says,”We’ve got to maintain some control and do things decently and in order” and another says, “No, you’ve got to let the “Spirit” have his way.”  “Each man did what seemed right in his own eyes.”

Well, in the midst of all this “madness”, as in the story of Ruth, there is a wedding taking place. The Father is drawing us, by his Spirit to come to the feet of Jesus even as Ruth came to the feet of Boaz. Like Ruth, we say, “Spread Your covering over me for You are my Redeemer.” Like Ruth, we are consumed with thoughts of our Husband to be, and have eyes only for Him. As we come to Him at the “threshing floor”, just like wheat is separated from the chaff, He purges us of all that is not pleasing to Him, and we become less concerned with what “is right in our own eyes” and become consumed with love for Him. In the midst of the madness we have only one prayer, “Give me Jesus.”

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