Will You

Will you carry My cross

and be misunderstood

They might think that you’re crazy

That you’re up to no good

Will you show in your living

the way that I died

Letting death work within you

so that others find life

Will you sing in the shadows

remaining unknown

They’ll question your timing

if you play My song

Will you shout on the rooftops

what I show you in prayer

It’ll cost your reputation

and not many will care

Will you drop what you’re doing

and let go of your dreams

Instead of master be servant

Will you follow Me

( “Will You” © 2011 B. Kyle Fuller)

2 thoughts on “Will You

    1. Hi Karen (we miss you!). Yeah, I wrote “Will You”; actually I just put down some things I felt like Jesus was asking me-you know. I have not attempted to put any music to it. I’d love to hear what you come up with.

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