The Litmus Test

Simply stated, a litmus test is a test in which there is one decisive factor that reveals the reality of something. For example, in science, the litmus test reveals the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. In politics,  a key question will be asked to determine if  the nominating official will  proceed with the appointment or nomination of a candidate .  God has given us a litmus test to determine whether or not something is truly of him- the Jesus Litmus Test.

There is  much talk today, even in the secular media, about getting back to faith, family and morality, the need to stand for Israel, social-justice , and so on. Take conversation on some of these hot button issues, sprinkle a few references to “God” in with it, add a Bible verse or two, and voilà ; its all good. Or is it?

Here is the JLT (Jesus Litmus Test):  If what is being said or done  is truly from God, it will always glorify Jesus.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will glorify Jesus (John 16:14). If something is truly of the Spirit, it will always point to Christ and glorify Him. Jesus himself said that if some one is truly hearing from God, they will come to him, because the Father himself testifies concerning the Son ( John 5:37; 6:45). Jesus said that a true understanding of scripture will always lead a person to himself (John5:39,40). Simply stated, “If it aint about Jesus, it aint from God.”

My dear friends, in this hour in which we live, there is going to be an increase in the deception of wickedness like never before. Evil wont come, knock on your door and say, “Oh, I’m evil you should avoid me.” No, it will come in the form of  good things, good causes, inclusion and “tolerance.” We must always perform the JLT (Jesus Litmus Test) on the things we hear and see. People may refer to God and the Bible; but remember, Jesus said if it is really of God, it will always point back to him. Let me say it again, “If it aint about Jesus, it aint from God.”

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