Mephibosheth Saith

Before we get started, just indulge me and try to say, “Mephibosheth” 5x real fast… LOL!!! Yessirrr!! I did literally laugh out loud.

Who in the world was Mephibosheth? If you remember, King  Saul had a son named Jonathan and he and David (soon to be king) were the best of friends. Well, Jonathan had a son named Mephibosheth. After David had become king and Jonathan was dead, David asked if there was someone still around from the house of Saul to which he could show kindness for Jonathan’s sake- enter Mephibosheth.

Reading in II Samuel we find out how Mephibosheth had been dropped as a child and as a result had been crippled. Many comparisons have been made between the way that David invited Mephibosheth to come and dine with him at the palace and the way Jesus  invites us to Himself. Much like the way David had Mephibosheth carried to his table, so Christ brings us, in our lameness, to “His table.”

As we read further in II Samuel we find that as a result of David’s sin, he was forced to flee the palace to avoid being killed by his own son Absalom. Mephibosheth had been placed under the care of a man named Ziba who saw this as a opportune time to undermine Mephibosheth and steal his estate. As the king and those loyal to him were fleeing Jerusalem, David asked Ziba what was up with Mephibosheth. Ziba lied and told David that Mephibosheth was taking advantage of David’s trouble and attempting to get the throne restored back to his family. As a result of Ziba’s deception, David strips Mephibosheth of his estate and awards it to Ziba. (Soap Operas have got nothing on this.)

Eventually, Absalom’s rebellion is crushed and David returns to Jerusalem and to his throne. (Here’s the part I want us to really get.) The day comes when Mephibosheth comes and bows before David, and David asks him, “Why didn’t you go with me when I had to flee?” Mephibosheth tells David how Ziba had slandered him and deceived him. He tells David that he had wanted to come, but Ziba had thwarted hm. Realizing he had been duped David says, “Alright then I’ll give you back half of your estate.” Check out what Mephibosheth Saith: “My lord, I don’t care about that stuff; let Ziba have it all. You are back and that’s all that matters.” Hallelujah!! Lord, let us have a heart like Mephibosheth.

Mephibosheth had been slandered, deceived, taken advantage of, and had his estate stripped from him. How many of us would have asked the king for revenge against Ziba? Mephibosheth was in the right! “Hey king David, what about some justice here?” No, Mephibosheth had been forever changed by the mercy and kindness David had previously shown him. He had been captivated by the King himself and nothing else could compare. Stuff? I don’t care about stuff; I want to be with you my king!

May we be so in love with our King Jesus, may we be so completely changed by his mercy and grace that we say what Mephibosheth Saith: “I’m yours Lord, and that’s all that matters.”

2 thoughts on “Mephibosheth Saith

  1. I love this, this is my heart! A heart of forgiveness. The Bible says. vengeance is mine “saith the Lord”. God will always have our back, if we get out of the way, forgive and pray for them that harm you. Sometimes the harm is done unintentionally, and sometimes intentionally out of ignorance. But we must pour out mercy, as God has poured mercy upon us. What will come out of you when you are squeezed the wrong way? Mercy and forgiveness or revenge. One’s reaction is the action that speaks louder than words. The Story of David and Mephibosheth is beautiful!!

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