“You’ve Got to Fight for Your Right to…”

I have a friend with whom I regularly work that is a big fan of a very popular alternative media figure, and I find myself in the position of listening to this man quite often. This particular talk radio personality has no qualms about saying that he is “awake,” and that he is being given enlightenment from God himself. He speaks regularly about the “globalist new-world order,” and encourages his listeners to pray, read the Bible, and fight for their rights. Listeners are encouraged to look inside themselves for the evidence of the truth concerning the take over of the new-world order, and then FIGHT! All of this kind of talk seems to be very appealing to many within the American Church, but I want to bring a word of caution to my brothers and sisters who are getting caught up in this. Do not be deceived! If something is genuinely from the heart of the Father, it will be centered on Jesus. God’s answer for that which ails the world is not legislation and political reform, but the establishment of the kingdom of God within the lives of people transformed by Jesus.

Jesus said in John 6:45 that anyone who has heard or learned from the Father would come to Him. Forgive my English but, “If it aint about Jesus; it aint from God.” If you claim to be enlightened, or awake, or whatever else you want to call it, and you aren’t being drawn to Jesus; you ARE NOT having an encounter with the one true God. The Devil is not going to burst on the scene and say, “Hey, I’m the Devil, and I’m here to destroy you.” No, he comes with smooth, enticing words, seductive words that play upon our religious inclinations and our pride. He will speak of “God,” right and wrong, duty and freedom. He’ll tell you that you have it within yourself to know the truth and restore truth, justice and the American way! And little by little, as you give yourself to these things, the intimacy you had with Christ is lost, and you become nothing more than a self-serving religious/political activist. Listen, if a form of government was established in which there was no poverty, no racism or discrimination of any kind, no war, etc…, if this government was not submitted to the Lordship of Jesus; it would still be fleshly and demonic. There is no true freedom or liberty apart from Jesus!

These high profile media personalities talk about “God” a lot. They speak of being “enlightened,” and having faith.  They talk about good conservative values and so on. Think about it though, when is the last time you heard one of them declare Jesus as God? These guys talk a lot about freedom, liberty, and the nobility of the human spirit; but you won’t hear one say that the hope of mankind is in repentance, and coming to God through faith in JESUS ALONE.

Christian, Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are not your prophets. Abide in Christ, be being continuously filled with the Holy Spirit, and study the Word of God. In doing so, you will ensure salvation both for yourself and those who hear you.

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