I remember I hadn’t been in Christ that long, and I was riding up to the mountains with a group of people. It was fall, the leaves were changing, and I remember being totally overwhelmed by the beauty all around me. I must have really gone on about the leaves because I remember someone saying, “Yeah, and guess what; they do this every year.” They didn’t understand that I had been so caught up in my life, my sin, and all that goes along with it; I had been too busy to appreciate “little things” like the changing of the seasons. Jesus had saved me, I had been truly born again by the Spirit, and everything seemed new. Everything was new. My friends made fun of me a little because to them it was just another fall, and leaves have been changing like that for millennia. “Kyle, it’s only that you’re just now noticing it.”

So often we become caught up with things and think that it’s something new when in reality, that’s the way it has always been. So many of us in the church today are enamored with “new” things like, being authentic, community, relational discipleship, and (add your own catch phrase). To be honest, this is how it always has been. Perhaps I should say instead, this is how it has always been to the true disciple of Christ. True Christianity has always been about being authentic. True Christianity has always been about being in community with other believers (it’s called the body of Christ). True Christianity has always been about making disciples. Could it be that we have simply been so caught up in the business of religion, building personal kingdoms, and big “look at me” ministries that we have failed to notice what it means to be a real Christian?

This “church business” we are so addicted to is over folks. We have made religion our priority instead of Jesus. “The times, they are a changing.”  There is a danger though that the “new boss is the same as the old boss.” What do I mean? Well, if we make authenticity, community, relational discipleship, and (add your own catch phrase) our priorities; it’ll end up being the same old thing just with a different hat. The priority of the Christian has always been Jesus. Everything flows out of our intimacy with him. We don’t concentrate on things. We concentrate on Jesus, and as we abide in him; we bear much fruit.

3 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. It is funny dude about the leaves. I too started noticing beauty in a “new” way after Jesus came and got me as well. Our perspectives were off and now we see through a whole new lens. I thought after coming to Christ in 2007 I could introduce some brand new music I had discovered, funny enough it was The Gaither Vocal Band….which we both know have been around for 50 years (ha)

  2. BoomYaH!!!!!! I This is my Heart, I had similar experiences like that myself, when I first came to Christ. Even afterwards, I realized after being so caught up in the religious sect, that I was missing the beauty of simplicity. This is truly a great piece of writing to hold on too. I particularly love what was stated about intimacy,. “Everything Flows Out of our Intimacy with Him” (Leaves, 2012). When we are intimate with God, He impregnates us with beauty that takes on different forms, and they flow through us and even overflow from our fulfillment, on to others. It’s wonderful to experience the growth whether in the beginning of our walk, or down through our matured walk. Humility doesn’t mind sharing, these outburst of awakenings, for they bring God Glory!!
    When these births happen, we just go with the Flow!!!
    This was excellent!!
    Thank you
    Sis. Tanya

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