Log Jam

Did you know that you, yes you, were created so that God might be glorified in your life? God wants to take the good, the bad, and the ugly, transform you through your faith in Jesus, and then put you on display so that the people in your life will come face to face with the living God. Have you ever thought of this, that there are people who will never get to know Jesus if they don’t get introduced to him by you?

Starting in the Old Testament, go through the Bible and search out the scriptures that speak of God’s purpose in using his people to reveal himself to the world. Even the past that you so desperately try to forget about can be used by God as a tool for his glory. Look, we’ve all sinned, we’ve all terribly missed the mark of God’s holiness, but he has made a way for us to experience his forgiveness and restoration. And, he wants to use this process in your life as an object lesson, giving others something tangible to see, so that they too can come and experience his love. Someone out there needs to know what you’ve been through and how Jesus saved and is saving you. They need to hear it from you, and see Him in you! Somebody is waiting for you to allow God to use you for some “show & tell.”

You know what a lumberjack is right (google it)?  Huge numbers of trees are harvested and processed into forestry products by logging companies. Lumberjacks  are the guys that cut down those trees. One way they get this massive number of trees from one spot to another, is by floating all these logs down the river. Well, occasionally a log  gets turned askew and stops the flow, creating a log-jam. So, you got this one log (a “key-log”) that is keeping the rest of the logs from reaching their destination. Did you know that you are a “key-log” in someone’s life, and they are waiting for you to get “straightened out” so that they can get to Jesus? It’s not some “professional” preacher or evangelist that holds the key to saving your family and friends- it’s you. You are the key.

It all starts with you giving your life to Jesus. He invites us to come, turn away from our sin, and put our trust in him. He is the One who can get you “straightened out” so that all those behind you, caught up in the “log-jam,” can experience what it means to truly be alive in Him.

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