The Roots of the Emergent Church Movement (Full Documentary)

As I said in Postmodern Reflections (part 1) : The evolution of society from modernity into postmodernity has produced reverberations within the church that indeed may prove to be eschatologically significant. Throughout its history the church has faced many heresies. Counsels have been convened for the purpose of discerning truth and setting forth orthodoxy. But, how does the church minister to a culture that insists there are no absolute truths to be discerned. What is the response of the church to be to ones who can say that while God has indeed acted uniquely in the person of Christ, he is also present and active in other belief systems as well? As the church finds its very institutional foundations shaken to the core, its evangelical practices touted as archaic, and the very message of the cross held in contempt; the Emergent Church has risen to the forefront. Adopting a postmodern philosophy, the Emergent movement has reduced the gospel of the Kingdom to a call for community, social-justice, and political activism. The Jesus of the postmodern emergent “Christian” is nothing more than a community organizer intent on assisting men in living together in mutual inclusion as they discover the validity of their respective cultural context belief systems and the God who is at work within them.

With that being said (again), I came across this documentary and wanted to pass it along. This is a full length documentary entitled “The Roots of the Emergent Church Movement,” and I truly believe it will greatly benefit you. It is my prayer that you will take the time to prayerfully watch this film, and search the scriptures for yourself to see if these things be so.


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