Asleep in Babylon

Asleep in Babylon, they dream.  As the words of the Apostles and Prophets come alive around them, they dream on.

They are oblivious to the beginnings of the stirring of the beast, and the cry of, “Come out of her my people, and do not partake of her sins.” is but an echo of His voice meant for some generation long ago.

The days of the Spirit have ceased, and God no longer speaks. All that remains is to sleep, and wait for the gospel to permeate the world. It’s easy to ignore the writing on the wall when you’re convinced you know everything.

“Take the book and open the seals.”

Asleep in Babylon, they dream. Conferences and impartations, trivial pursuit is such a deadly game. They dream on.

Who is gonna reform the Reformers? Tired arguments, stale rhetoric, and doctrinal clichés doom the next generation to invent heresies. They know something is missing, but to admit what It is would blow their theology. Lullabies are plentiful in Babylon.

Institutionalized, mesmerized, idealized- It’s over guys! Yet, it’s business as usual, sleepwalking on the deck of the Titanic. There has to be some way to save all that we have built.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”

Asleep in Babylon, they dream. If you ignore the riders on their horses maybe they’ll just go away. They dream on.

Wholesale slaughter, a loaf of bread for a days wage, deception, war, and pestilence abound. You better not touch my Chick fil a. The world is on fire. I wonder if they have an app for that.

IPhones, ringtones, a trumpet blast, and we’ll all be gone, ‘cause you know God wouldn’t let his people suffer. Hey, our worship team just got a smoke machine. That’ll go great with the angel feathers and the glory cloud!

“I find your deeds incomplete in the sight of my God.”

Asleep in Babylon, they dream. I heard Jesus came back Saturday night. Never mind that; services start tomorrow at eleven.


6 thoughts on “Asleep in Babylon

  1. This is truly awesome, I can relate. Wow, I especially like, “institutionalized, mesmerized, idealized, it’s over guys!” (Sleep in Babylon, 2012). “Yet. it is business as usual as usual, sleepwalking on the deck of the Titanic” (Sleep in Babylon, 2012). This is a poetic and prophetic wake up call. Another passage, that touched me is, “Asleep in Babylon they dream” (Sleep in Babylon, 2012). Actually the whole complete piece makes me think of a picture, a pastor friend of mine has on his office wall. It was a picture of a pastor walking towards the church, unaware that the church had just gone up in the rapture. “Sleep Walking”” Now that’s scary!.

    Great Post
    Sis. T

  2. Yes, you are so right Klye, the American church is asleep. When I say church, I don’t mean just the institution, but the church, the people and pastors of God. We expect to be pampered and fed a pre-digested gospel. Church awake! Take up your cross and follow Jesus! Make disciples in the heartaches of life!

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