Mamas & God

The Bible says that “…through everything God made, [we] can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature.” Now while I know that this verse may primarily be talking about the heavens, earth, celestial bodies and so on, I believe the truth extends into family relationships as well. I believe that because God is so holy, so awesome and unlike anything we can imagine, his creation (all of it) is designed to give us tangible expressions of who he is. That brings me to moms. I think there’s an awful lot we can learn about God from our moms, but I’ll just mention a few things that come immediately to mind.

First of all there is our birth- I didn’t give birth to myself. My mother carried me inside her own body, nurtured me, protected me and eventually gave birth to me. Before I was ever born she loved me. Without having seen me she desired me. The fact of the matter is that without her I wouldn’t even be here. Can you catch a glimpse of God in that?

How about the way our moms care for us? I remember my mom going without so that my brother and I didn’t have to. She made sure we were fed and clothed. Before I was old enough to say, “Thank you Mom. I love you.” she cared for me. When I got hurt or sick- Mama! If ever I was teased by other kids and made to feel inferior- Mama! When I was scared- Mama! When I wanted things that weren’t good for me- Mama! Does that remind you of Someone else?

Oh, we can’t forget the way Mama loves! “Nobody will ever love you like your mama boy.” God knows the heartache and pain I brought to my mom. The life I lived broke her heart, made her worry and took me away from her at times. But she always forgave, she always believed, she never gave up! When I hated myself she was somehow able to make me feel worth loving. She told me the truth, even when I didn’t want to hear it. But even when that truth was hard, it was always wrapped up in love. She let me go my own way when she knew it would bring me pain. But in her wisdom she understood that I had to learn for myself. No matter what I did she was always willing to take me back. It was as simple as saying, “Mom.” Do you see God’s love?

Mom, I love you. Thanks for showing me, just by being you, the glory of God.



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