Fresh Oil

Can I tell you something? And I’m talking to followers of Jesus now. If tomorrow we were to wake up and find all racism gone, all prejudice erased, world-wide peace and harmony, every conspiracy theory solved, and “justice” meted out on a global scale; it would not be enough to satisfy our hearts. We are His, and He alone can fill us.

My dear brothers and sisters, what we need today is not to be found in anything birthed by the flesh. No , it is a fresh revelation of the wonder of the Son of the living God. Once again we need to go to that secret place where only those who worship him in Spirit in truth may go and gaze anew upon the beauty of the glory of Jesus. He is the radiance of the unseen God and the exact imprint of his substance, all that we need in this age or in any age to come.

It is the love of God in Christ, eclipsing all other loves that alone can soothe the storm in our hearts. There is nothing that this world has to offer that can bring the peace and joy that he alone extends to us in his Spirit. Once more we need to cry out to God that the eyes of our hearts may be opened that we may see the One through whom all that is or ever will be was brought into being. There is nothing: no system or authority or dominion or powers seen or unseen over which he is not God. And this God almighty has called us to himself!

May we turn away from lesser things that vie for our attention and affection and return again to our First Love. Forsaking all others, let us hold fast to that which we have first believed, knowing that he is faithful to give us all things. We are heirs of everything, joint heirs with Jesus, recipients of every spiritual blessing God has to bestow. And he shouts with a lion’s roar, “Come away with me my beloved!!”

The name of the Lord is a strong tower. Let us run again to that name and do the things we did when we first believed, and find him again in all of his majesty. Faithful One, Holy One, First Born and Ruler of all creation. It is he who anoints our heads with fresh oil and binds our hearts together as the love of God is poured out in us by his Spirit. We return again to the fountain of living water, and shall thirst no more.

5 thoughts on “Fresh Oil

  1. Thank you Kyle for your submission God anointing that enables you to simplify the essence of the Gospel. Love you Brother!

  2. Thank you for the article.
    However, the artwork belongs exclusively to Fresh Oil Ministries, a Missouri Nonprofit. We are a church. The painting was inspired by my mother and painted by my sister to be used as our logo for the ministry. I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to use it here.
    It represents Joel 2:28 of the outpouring upon all flesh and Ps 92:10 of being anointed with fresh oil. The rainbows symbolize the old and new covenants.
    I thought you would like to know the origin of the painting, as well as the legal ownership. Thank you for retaining my sister’s name as the artist!
    Pastor Kathy Kern

  3. Did you ask the artist’s permission before using the “fresh oil” painting by Ms. Thayer?

  4. Hey. This is my mom’s painting. She’s currently sitting in an assisted living home. You have no permission to use her artwork. Take it down. Immediately. This is me being nice about it.

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