10 Things You Need To Know To Navigate Your Way In Today’s Culture

I say old boy, allow me to break it down for you as they say:
1) It’s okay to be a spiritual person as long as you don’t mention Jesus.
2) Anything you believe that I don’t is by definition stupid.
3) I’m all about tolerance and inclusion as long as you agree with me.
4) Hate speech is anything you snobsay that I don’t agree with.
5) I am absolutely positive that there are no absolutes.
6) One thing I know for sure is that you can’t really say that you know anything for sure.
7) Anytime you try and tell me about what’s right and wrong you’re being arrogant and judgmental.
8)Anytime I tell you that you’re being arrogant and judgmental, well, that’s okay.
9) Just because something growing inside of a woman has a heart, developing fingers and toes, eyes, ears stomach jaws, liver, and intestines doesn’t mean it’s a human being.
10) There is no such thing as God and I hate him.