“Meditations From The Pigpen” (eBook)

Some years ago, a Pastor friend of mine and I got together at a local coffee shop. We hadn’t known each other for long, but there was a real connection. I decided that I would bring my old notebooks, and share with him things I had written over the course of my coming to Jesus. As I read, I could tell he was deeply moved (as I was), and the idea for Pigpen was birthed.

I originally wrote Pigpen by hand, on various types of paper, with the print pretty much all over the place. Duplicating that “style” has proved next to impossible, but in an effort to do so; I have formatted this rendering of Pigpen without strict adherence to any kind of sentence structure, punctuation, paragraph indentation, etc…- pretty much any grammatical rules that apply to the English language. Much of the profanity that was contained in my original hand-written manuscripts has been edited out, but as it was my desire to capture the emotion of my actual experience, strong language is contained in Pigpen’s present form.
Pigpen is a collection of rants, raves, observations, thoughts and prayers that I jotted down over the course of the most trying times in my life. Even today, when I read Pigpen, I am humbled by the realization that the Lord heard the cries of this broken, desperate man. Looking back, I have come to believe that it was all somehow His design, and that He used the “pigpen” for his glory and my ultimate good.

It is my sincere prayer that God will use this little book to somehow minister to the hearts of those who read it. I hope that by opening up my life to you, letting you see the sin, destruction, pain and madness I endured, you will clearly see the beauty of Jesus. He offers healing, forgiveness, and restoration to any who would call upon His name.

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Alison Phillips, 1934, ticket #2013111810012739