“The View” on Santa Claus

I was taken captive and tortured today! Maybe I need to explain a little better before Big Brother and/or the other internet monitors get nervous. I needed to have new tires put on my car today, and what should have been routine turned into a three hour debacle with me having to wait at not one, but two different locations. Now Kyle, you may say, while I may see your attempt at humor about being taken captive, that’s not torture. I will have to agree. But being forced to watch (or listen) to “The View” is most definitely TORTURE!!

At one location the ownership had “The View” on in the lobby, and even though I had brought a book with me, I could not help but hear the mistresses of the meaningless and mundane cackle over whether or not Santa Clause is white, black, Latino, man, woman, etc… They spouted off such clever notions such as, “We all see Santa Clause as a reflection of who we are.” and “Children don’t see color when they look at Santa.” and “Maybe we should rethink our vision of Santa Clause so as to allow for various ethnic and gender portrayals.” I’m sure there were other solutions provided regarding the Santa Claus problem, but my having to fight back waves of nausea made me unable to clearly hear them. Amazingly, despite the blood that was shooting out of my eyes, and the nausea that threatened to manifest itself in what would have had to have been a disgusting instance of projectile vomiting, I had a moment of clarity: “These people are actually devoting a segment of their program arguing over the best way to portray someone who does not even exist.” Instead of figuring out the best way to tell a lie, how about just simply admitting that there’s no such person as Santa Claus?!!! What da ya do?

Now, I’m not a bah humbug kind of guy, but in the culture we as American Christians live in, maybe we’re gonna be forced to rethink EVERYTHING. What was once cuddly, cute, and just a little white lie (for the children’s benefit of course) has evolved into a whole other level deception. I know, I know; I’ve lost my mind. Maybe, but consider this. If we lie to the kids about the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, should we wonder why they don’t believe us when we tell them about Jesus?

And oh, by the way, Jesus was not white.