Twas the night before Cristmas, and all through the Kingdom…

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Kingdom

The people were wondering what the New Year would bring them

Pouring through their bibles, and pondering “words” from this past season

They were searching for clues, for rhymes, and for reason


Some were in fear of two thousand and twelve

For the Mayan calendar had foretold the end of the world

Earthquakes and disasters, cataclysms of all kinds

Were stealing their peace and filling their minds


There were those who saw trouble but had not a doubt

That Jesus was coming to rapture them out

They seemed unaffected and had not a care

“Why should we care what is coming, we’ll no longer be here.”


Still others saw the New Year as a time for planting more seeds

Through sowing and reaping God would provide for their needs

Their hope was in money though they claimed it was in God

I heard one of them exclaim, “Our Lord is a great Santa Clause!”


In the camp of the prophetic one said, “Brothers, let us do this,

Get on your computers and search the Elijah List,

Surely someone has heard what this New Year will bring

We’ll need a fresh word to make our hearts sing.”


Others foresaw politics and dominion as the solution

“Let’s take back America and call for revolution.”

“We’ll occupy Wall Street and usher in change.”

But there was no talk of repentance or the lost being saved


Some dreamt of justice and the righting of all wrongs

Postmodernity had emerged and a new day would dawn

Inclusion and tolerance and relative truth

“Yes, a good social-gospel; now that’s what we’ll use.”


I in the country, alone with my cat

Sat pondering this and considering that

When off in the distance at barely a whisper

I began to hear the prayer of some sweet unknown sister


Father, she prayed, may your Kingdom come

And on earth as in heaven please let your will be done

I see trouble a plenty but I have no fear

I know you are with me, I know you are near


I ask not for riches, for fortune or fame

But pray you will use me to glorify your name

I don’t ask for signs or for some brand new word

But ask in my heart that your Spirit be heard


I seek not an office nor make demands for my rights

For I am your servant and that will suffice

Wickedness abounds and all injustice is proof

Our only hope is in Jesus the way, the life, the truth


As she said amen I wiped tears from my eyes

Then thought to myself, “My what a surprise.”

The prayer of this sister, so simple and clear

Was a prayer for us all for this coming New Year

-Kyle Fuller