Discernment & Priorities

Those who know me know that I believe a Christian is to influence his culture by preaching (preach the gospel, use words when necessary) the gospel. I believe that cultures and nations for that matter are transformed through the establishment of the kingdom of God within the lives of people transformed by Jesus, rather than by so called Christian political activism. However, I must say that through the political process, at least the priorities and lack of discernment of many who name the name of Jesus is being revealed.

Some support a candidate merely because he is of their same ethnic/racial orientation. And sadly, there are some who will oppose a candidate because he is not of their race. They have forgotten or perhaps never learned that “in Christ,” there is no Jew, Greek, nor White, or Black. This choosing of a candidate because “He is one of our people,” or rejecting him because he is not reveals a carnal disposition. Let us repent and seek forgiveness and healing. Christian, we are not called to be “strong, proud white men” or “strong, proud black men”; we are the body of Christ and joined together as one new man in Jesus. Will you not just be a “Jesus man”?

Some Christian political activists assert that President Obama is a closet Muslim or perhaps even the antichrist. They fear that he and the left are doing all they can to destroy Christianity and destroy the United States. Strangely, their solution is to join forces with another candidate whose religious beliefs are cultic in their origin. Christian, how much have you studied Mormonism? What would cause a Christian to reject one candidate on the grounds that he is not Christian and bent on destroying the nation, and then choose another candidate who is not Christian and trust him to save the nation? Could it be lack of discernment and misplaced priorities? I shudder at the thought of even deeper implications.

Brothers and sisters, for you, as Christians; the answer is not to be found in a political party or candidate. Our hope is in the Lord. Let us not be like the ancient children of Israel, who when faced with God’s judgment sought after political alliances with the nations, believing they could save themselves and their nation by the arm of the flesh. Instead, let us repent of our idolatry, of murdering our babies, cheating on our wives, spending hours looking at porn on the internet, getting high, etc…   Let us prayerfully search the scriptures, and cry out to the Lord that he may give us his priorities and true spiritual discernment for this hour. Let us wait before him on our knees until he fills our hearts with prayers birthed by his Spirit. Let us deny ourselves and take up our cross. Let us extend Jesus to a lost and dying world.

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