Gender, Race, and Pentecost: The World Has Moved On (By Jonathan Martin)

Normally I don’t do a lot of “re-posts,” but I read something today that I just had to share. An article written by Jonathan Martin, entitled “Gender, Race and Pentecost: The World Has Moved On” made quite a bit of sense, and like I said; I wanted to pass it on. I understand that Jonathan and I actually have mutual friends, but we’ve never met.  In fact,  years ago, Jonathan and the “Renovatus” fellowship actually utilized some space on our campus, at “The Creek,” ( ) but that was a little before my time. Anyway, I have a close friend who has always spoken very highly of Jonathan, always commenting on how much he enjoys reading what Jonathan has to say, and today; I read Jonathan’s latest blog.  Once I was able to get past my jealousy of all the hair Jonathan has, I knew I had to share his thoughts with those who interact with NLI. (Thanks Mike)

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